What We Are All About

So What's Gelato? 

And What's Sorbet? 

Our sorbets are made with purified water instead of milk, and we use only the highest quality fresh fruit and juices. All of our sorbets are fat free. 

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We are a young Cleveland–based company, preparing authentic Italian gelato since 2011. All of our gelato and desserts are made using only the freshest natural ingredients of the highest quality. Since our gelato is milk based rather than cream based, our overall creations are significantly lower in fats compared to that of regular or premium ice cream. But just because it is healthier doesn't mean we sacrifice any taste! GelatoStar is a rich, tasty, creamy indulgence with fewer calories and fats.


With over 20 years of experience preparing delectable Italian gelato, our master chef blends daily to order, using authentic Italian recipes and processes. Our gelato is made with love, enthusiasm, and creativity, with our signature qualities added to every cup, cone, and pint. 

Translated from Italian, gelato means frozen. It is often compared to ice cream, but unlike regular ice cream, which contains between 10% and 20% butterfat, our gelato contains only 5%- 8% depending on the flavor. The Department of Agriculture has designated that: any product under 10% butterfat cannot be called "ice cream." We can keep the low percentages of butterfat because our products are milk based instead of cream based. Regular American style ice cream incorporates between 75% and 150% of air in to their products, where as our gelato incorporates a maximum of 20%. As a result, our flavors are intensified. We also hold our gelato at a higher temperature, never allowing it to freeze hard. This higher temperature enhances the flavor for an instant burst of flavor in your mouth.